New swim schedule begins Nov 1st
See the calendar for more details. The water is warm (81 degrees) time to swim!!

Swim Melbourne Masters is a registered U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) Club with Gold Club status. We are proud to swim on Florida’s beautiful Space Coast.  Don't let the name "Masters" intimidate you, it doesn't mean you need to be an expert swimmer to train with us. In swimming, "Masters" simply means swimmers age 18 and older.

To join us, click "Join MELB" above. Additionally, all Swim Melbourne Masters swimmers must also join U.S. Masters Swimming, which you can conveniently do during our online registration. For any questions, contact us at

Swim Schedule: Nov 1st, 2023 - Mar 30th, 2024.  
Practices subject to change see training calendar for more details.
Day Group Time / Place
Mon / Wed / Fri "Mahi" 5:30A - 6:30A or 7:00A
(1hr & 1.5hr) @ Sherwood Pool
Mon / Wed/ Fri "Guppy" 6:30A - 7:30A @ Sherwood Pool
Tues / Thurs / Fri "Mahi/Guppy" Noon - 1:00P @ Sherwood Pool
Saturday "Mahi/Guppy" 7:00A - 8:00A @ Sherwood Pool

"Mahi" group = Geared towards intermediate to advanced swimmers who should possess the ability to confidently swim 400 yards freestyle without breaks. Our sessions are a blend of freestyle and other strokes, kicking, drills, and of course challenging intervals. Anticipate covering approximately 2,500 to 3,000 yards during a one-hour session and 3,500 to 4,000 yards during a 1.5-hour coached session.


"Guppy" group = Tailored for beginners and those focusing on stroke development, participants need to have the endurance to swim 50 yards of freestyle without breaks. Sessions are predominantly freestyle, with optional stroke work for those interested, featuring a beginner-friendly approach centered on enhancing swim technique. Expect to cover an estimated distance of 1,000 to 1,500 yards during a one-hour coached session.


Swim Melbourne Masters Training Fees

Swimmer Type Monthly Daily
Individual Swimmer *$60 -
Individual + Spouse/Partner *$54 -
Drop-In / Visiting USMS Member - $10
Virtual Swimmer - Access exclusive MELB Masters workouts and training content, no pool training included. *$30 -
  * Monthly Training Fees are due the first of each month.  To place your membership on hold contact prior to the first of the month to avoid recurring charges.
Swim Melbourne Masters Free Trial Swim Practice.
Step 1: Try Us Out, for a complimentary free trial swim practice. Experience our swim practice, coaching, and facilities firsthand by registering for a free trial. Online Registration Form
Step 2: You are required to have a U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) Annual Membership for insurance purposes. If you are a first-time USMS member, you can make use of the USMS Trial Membership. Afterward, you can easily switch to a full USMS annual membership before the 30 day trial period expires to continue swimming with us. Otherwise, you will need to renew your USMS annual membership before coming to the pool.

**IMPORTANT: for USMS trial and annual memberships make sure to use our club code MELB when signing up.

All you need is a swimsuit and goggles, but feel free to bring any extra swim gear you have (paddles, fins, pull buoy, swim snorkel, etc). Just introduce yourself to the coach on deck, hop in, and enjoy your swim! Recommended swim equipment at

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About Us

Since our club's inception in 2019, we've welcomed numerous new swimmers with varied backgrounds, skill levels, and a wide range of goals. At Swim Melbourne Masters, our members participate in both fitness-focused and competitive swimming. Preparing for several types of events, including swimming and triathlon, spanning both pool and open-water events. Our competitive roster boasts an array of accomplished swimmers, including former collegiate standouts, former Olympic competitor, USAT All-Americans, masters national champions, and masters world record holders. As a club, we take pride in fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment for swimmers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Our carefully designed swim workouts prioritize technique refinement, fitness enhancement, and strength development through structured and purposeful training. You will truly love the camaraderie of our masters swim workouts. 

Listen to this episode from the Champion's Mojo Podcast to learn more about Swim Melbourne Masters.


Open Water

Open water races and race results & photos

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Competitive swimming for youth swimmers ages 6 to 18 please visit  Swim Melbourne (USA Swimming Team).